Policies and Rules

COVID-19 Regulations

  • Civic Park follows and enforces all other OHA Guidelines for social distancing, occupancy and gathering size, sports, cleaning and disinfection, and visitor screening.
  • Masks are required at all times when indoors at Civic Park.
  • Masks are required outside at Civic Park when within 6 feet of another individual, whether you are participating in an activity, coaching, or spectating.
  • Water fountains are closed. Participants are encouraged to bring water bottles to refill at Civic.
  • Equipment is sanitized regularly.
  • Doors are kept open to allow for airflow.


  • Fireworks
  • Open flame, propane, electric, or sterno cooking
  • Use of tobacco, marijuana (THC or CBD), ore Hemp products
  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Obscene language or gestures, racial, religious, or ethnic slurs
  • Using physical force, or threatening any person, either physically or verbally
  • Fighting and/or harassing others may result in removal from the premises
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Camping
  • Graffiti or vandalism
  • No person(s) shall violate any city, county, state or federal laws, ordinance, or regulations while at Civic Park and/or participating in programs at Civic Park.

Staff authorization required:

  • Certified service dogs or service dogs in training are allowed into Civic Park. All other animals are not.
  • Commercial activity
  • Soliciting money, contributions or donations
  • Distributing advertising or commercial, political or religious or promotional material
  • Professional or commercial videotaping and/or photography
  • Personal tents, structures, or equipment
  • Amplified music
  • Kite or drone flying

Additional or amended Policies and Rules may apply for special events.